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Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

President of Ecuador successfully evacuated

President of Ecuador successfully evacuated - The News,  Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa escaped from an attempted coup. He has returned to the presidential palace on Thursday night, after rescued from the hospital where he was hidden in the crossfire between insurgents and police forces loyal to the government. This was conveyed to officials.

"We have carried out. We took him out," said Deputy Interior Minister Edwin Jarrin told AFP.

Correa later said, a police officer killed in the rescue operation. When speaking from the balcony at the presidential palace, Correa thanked his supporters for the "great support" them in the face of police and army rebels against the laws which cut their bonus payments.

Correa was rushed to the National Police Hospital after a tear gas exploded near him, when he tried to negotiate with police to protest the previous day.

news about the unrest in Ecuador has been extended to the entire world, where so many people who want to see the development of the news, and certainly very much news-makers also give the latest news.

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