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Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

The killing 8 militants of Kashmir by Indian troops

The killing 8 militants of Kashmir by Indian troops - The News,  The guerrillas are enumerated trying to enter Indian territory from Pakistan. Indian army spokesman, Vineet Sood, say, a policeman was also killed in one shooting it.
These clashes took place amid growing protests against New Delhi's rule in Kashmir for several months was hit by strikes, protests and curfews.
More than 100 people were killed and dozens were arrested during protests in June in the region. Five militants killed in north Kashmir when they tried to enter the Indian border from Pakistani territory.
While three militants were killed in clashes in the area of Ganderbal, a suburb of Srinagar. Sood added that the shooting was still ongoing in both the location of the clashes.
India's federal government tried hard to ease tension in Kashmir and Wednesday to free a number of protesters who were jailed and reduce the number of checkpoints in the main city of Srinagar as part of peace moves.
However, bids for new talks in New Delhi and security review had been rejected by Kashmiri separatist groups.
Moderate separatist leaders, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, consider a plan Indian home minister was trying to "deliberately shift the focus from the real issue and to grant concessions to residents."

Interior Minister P Chidambaram proposed peace plan after he led a mission of all parties to the Muslim-majority Kashmir.
Chidambaram eight point plan that was announced on Sept. 25 was the first major initiative of the government to end clashes between stone-throwing protesters and security forces that killed 107 civilians, mostly due to police shootings.
Indian Home Minister said, a group of "talking partners" will be appointed to meet the people of Kashmir in an effort to defuse the protests, the biggest since a separatist movement erupted in 1989.

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